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How to repair / fix a broken Yankee Candle jar !

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Hi Everyone !

I hope that you are enjoying a great week ! It has made a long time since I wanted to do this tutorial on how to repair / fix a broken Yankee Candle jar. Oh yes, this sadly can happen especially during shipping when you order online. However the good news is that now I have got a different seller on Ebay who packages the jar candles really securely ! For the past 2 months we order many times from his store, 2 large jars each time and they all reached destination safely ! In case you are interested I will put a link to his store at the end of this post .

Hope you enjoy.

Peace, Love and Light,


Do It Yourself (DIY) : How to repair / fix a broken Yankee Candle jar !

Step 1: Get your broken Yankee Candle jar

Step 2: Get an old Yankee Candle jar that you have cleaned previoulsy which will be recycled into a "new" candle !

Step 3: Remove carefully all the stickers on the jar that is broken and place them on a dry and clean surface.

Step 4: Break all the remaining glass (of the broken jar ) by using your hammer to free your candle. Place the broken pieces in a plastic bag which you will wrap later in an old newspaper to avoid getting cut. By the way it is very important that your wear gloves if you feel uncomfortable breaking and/or holding glasses.

Step 5: The objective is to transfer your now "naked" candle into a new jar !

Step 6: Using a knife, cut one slice of the wax as below.

Step 7: Repeat same process circularly around your candle. The idea is to obtain the biggest possible candle block that will enter the new jar to be placed in the center.

Tip: This step is very important so that the maximum fragrance is retained during the process.

Step 8: Now using your knife and/or your hammer, break the candle slices left (which you cut initially) into small pieces and insert them in the empty spaces in your jar as shown below.

Step 9: Remove all stickers present on the jar then microwave on high while checking every 1 minute until all the small pieces on the perimeter (not the large block in the center) have fully melted as shown below.

Step 10: Allow to cool completely and peacefully This can take hours, yet you are patient enough isn`t it ?

Step 11: When your candle has cooled completely, get your stickers put aside in step 3 and stick them on your new jar ! Voila !


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