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Cleaning your Yankee Candle jars !

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Hi Everyone !

Just something I wanted to share in this DIY section that I consider important especially for all those who love scented candles like me. As it appears quite obvious, I love candles! Actually I love everything that has light. Whatever be candles, nature and even people! I never really understood the true meaning of scented candles, I always thought they were candles whose wax only smell nice! This was the case until Christmas 2013.

All started when very often on YouTube I remarked many Vloggers from US and UK primarily burning "Yankee Candles" in their home and they appeared so happy with them. Honestly I could not understand why yet I was quite intrigue. One day I saw them being sold in Mauritius and I have to admit that the cost instantly put me off especially when I was thinking that it was just a candle. Yet I got a big surprise eventually because I was offered two of the large jars of the Yankee Candles for Christmas 2013. It was after burning one of them for our Christmas family dinner that I realized that it was "The Candle"! As such my first two Yankee Candles were the "Christmas Memories" and "Season Of Peace" and they were the ones which changed my understanding of scented candles for life!

Now I am a real fan and there is a complete "Yankee Candles" family at home .. Actually when they burn, they really do give such a good throw in the house and we always receive so many nice compliments. It depends at times on the scent you choose, some are fresh, others food/spicy/fruity and floral types. I personally prefer in the kitchen and living room to use the "Floral" scents (it is as if you have got a big flower bouquet as table centerpiece) and totally avoid the food/spicy scents because it at times interfere with the smell of what is in the oven or plate (especially for those who enjoy cooking like me). In the bathroom as well as the bedroom or TV room, I really enjoy the "Fresh" scents. They really add up to a warm, calm and even romantic atmosphere. Of course, they are all great, it is just a question of which scent to light, when and where..

They normally come in 3 jar sizes: small (25-40 hours burning time), medium (65-90 hours burning time) and large (110-150 hours burning time) and I consider even though it is the most expensive that it is better to purchase the large jars in terms of value/savings. For instance before purchasing a jar which does involve a certain investment, it is worth mentioning that I normally consider it as important to test the scent first using either the votive/sampler or tart versions. I usually purchase them on Ebay and/or on Scented Candle Shop website. If the scents pass the test, then I feel more reassured to go and purchase the jar version.

Yankee Candles Votive/Sampler and Tart

So based on my "Passion for Fragrance" (Yankee Candles slogan), I wanted to share with all those who love Yankee Candles as well, how to recycle the jars after your candle is burnt completely. I hope you will enjoy and please do not forget to check for the new post soon on how to "Repair and take care of your Yankee Candles"..

Cheers ...


Cleaning (for recycling) your Yankee Candle jars !


Step 1: Get your used Yankee Candle jar/s !

Step 2: Using soap and water, wash all the carbon that might have been formed in the jar/s and lid/s

Step 3: Add hot boiling water to your jar/s (Be careful while pouring ..)

Step 4: The wax in the base will start melting and the difference in density will cause it to move upwards in the form of small bubbles as indicated by the blue arrow in the picture below

Step 5: After about 20-30 minutes you will find that all the wax found in the base of the jar has melted and formed a layer on top of the boiling water. You will have to wait for this top wax layer to cool and solidify now ..

Step 6: After 3-4 hours your top wax layer will become solid as indicated by the opaque color of the wax

Step 7: Just immerse your hand in the jar and press gently to detach the top solidified wax layer from the jar

Step 8: Break it in two so that it is easier for you to remove that solidified wax from the jar

Step 9: Once all the wax is remove, discard the water as well as the wick tab in the center of the jar base

Step 10: Finally wash and dry your jars and they are ready for reuse !

You may fill your jar with your home made sweets and offer as gift !

You may also use them to store your Yankee Candle tarts or use them as a table centerpiece by inserting a battery operated light inside !...

Thank you for watching !

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