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treasure box Cake!

My Mother, My greatest treasure ! Special Mother`s day cake ! (For 10-12 persons)

For the cake

400g of cream cheese (I use 'Philadelphia' brand - 2 boxes)

600g pastry flour

510g unsalted butter

5g salt

15g baking powder

500g castor sugar

9 eggs

8ml of pure vanilla extract

Zest from one large orange

125g of Corinthians raisins

Note: You will need a large rectangular baking pan to bake this cake

For the decoration

500g of sugar paste or fondant (refer photo step 19 and see note below)

About 4 tablespoons of Nutella

50g of Marzipan (Almond paste) - For the rose, its stem and leaves and the treasure box circular locker.

Gel food coloring (golden/ dark yellow, dark brown, red and green) Purchased on Ebay: Here

Edible gold luster dust - You can purchase on Ebay: Here

200g of chocolate gold coins (refer photo step 26 - purchased at Intermart - Can get on Ebay: Here)

Note: I purchased the fondant at Tangs Way at B.Bassin at Rs105 (500g/ Brand 'Redman' )


Step 1 : In your standing mixer bowl, mix butter, sugar and cream cheese on a low to medium speed.

Note: You may also use your hand mixer. I actually prefer to use a standing mixer when I am using more than 500g of flour.

Step 2: Scrape your bowl from time to time (stop your mixer first ) to ensure uniform mixing ! As soon as your mixture (butter/ sugar/ cream cheese) is smooth and fluffy (indicated by a paler yellow color), stop your mixer.

Step 3 : In a bowl add your flour, salt, baking powder (all sifted together if possible) as well as your orange zest and mix all together to obtain your dry ingredients mixture.

Step 4: To your butter mixture from step 2, add 1/3 of your dry ingredients mixture (step 3) and 3 eggs.

Step 5: Turn on your mixer again on a low to medium speed and allow the dry ingredients mixture (1/3) and eggs (3) to combine well with your butter mixture. Repeat step 4 and 5 until all dry ingredients and eggs have been added. As usual do not forget to scrape the mixing bowl when necessary .

Step 6: When your batter has become smooth and sexy, add in your Corinthian raisins and pure vanilla extract !

Step 7: Perform a final mix (low-medium speed) and voila, your cake batter is ready !

Step 8: Transfer your cake batter in a lightly greased (lined with parchment paper) rectangular baking mold and flatten the surface using your favorite spatula.

Step 9: Bake your cake in a preheated oven at 160 degrees Celsius for 1 hour and 20 minutes or until a brochette pick comes out clean when inserted in the center.

Note: Below shows baking progression until done (right). Hot Hot Hot !

Step 10: Allow your cake to cool completely, turn it upside down on a tray and remove the parchment paper accordingly.

Step 11: Hmmmmmmmm !

Step 12: Using a sharp knife, cut the edges to ensure that the borders are straight, flat and symmetric (near perfect rectangle !).

Step 13: Repeat with all edges .

Step 14: Using your pastry ruler, measure and mark the center of your cake and cut it in two at the center of the longest side (length).

Step 15: Spread a teaspoon amount of Nutella on your cake board and position half of your cake as below (right). The Nutella will ensure that your cake does not 'slide' when positioned accordingly.

Step 16: Spread a full tablespoon of Nutella on the top of your cake (1st half) and position the second half as shown below (right) ! If there are some Nutella that still remain on your spatula, just spread the rest on the other parts of the cake as these will be helpful later .

Step 17: Time to carve! Using a sharp knife, carve the top of your cake by rounding the top edges as shown below. Beware, this is where it might get 'dirty' . In any case, keep the cut parts for your snack times!

Step 18: Carving time completed !

Step 19: Get your fondant ready !

Step 20: Flatten your fondant to a thickness of about 5mm using your rolling pin. Using your pastry ruler, measure the lower side of your cake and cut your fondant accordingly (long band). Coat this lower side of your cake with a thin layer of Nutella and position your fondant as shown below.

Step 21: Repeat step 20 with the remaining sides of your cake while considering everything in your kitchen to help you cut your fondant accordingly !

Note: Decorate every side of your cake individually as far as possible. As usual, do not forget to 'pre-coat' with Nutella prior to positioning your fondant ..

Step 22: Cut fondant bands of about 1.5 cm and position them in every corner using a pastry brush soaked slightly in water to help adhesion (makes the fondant sticky).

Note: If your fondant is a bit sticky when rolling, use some icing sugar or corn flour for dusting .

Step 23: Add a final 2cm band in the center as below and voila, your decoration base is ready ! Mamamia, time for greater fun !!!

Step 24: Using your favorite pastry brush, color your cake (omit all the bands) in golden/ dark yellow color.

Step 25: Add a slight coat of darker brown color to intensify the 'wood' effect ! Then coat all the bands with some gold luster dust (you may use a slightly damp brush ..).

Step 26: Time to accessorize ! Get you favorite chocolate gold coins and position them as per your preference.

Step 27: Mothers love flowers, so why not adding a simple rose made with Marzipan (almond paste) for this special touch of yours ..

Note: The stem and leaves of the rose as well as the treasure box circular locker will also be made using Marzipan . Use dark brown (rose`s stem + box locker), red (rose flower) and green colorings (rose`s leaves) to color your Marzipan if necessary.

Step 28: Position some sugar pearls in the top bands as below for that additional cute treasure box effect ..

Voiiiiiiiiila !

Make her feel special because she is indeed very special !...

Yumminess always spreads happiness !


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