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Thin cheesy crust pizza

Thin Cheesy Crust Pizza (For 4 persons)

For the Crust

400g of flour

4g of salt

2 teaspoons of sugar

8g instant bread yeast (refer photo in step 1)

2 large eggs

80ml water

2 spoons of vegetable oil

For the topping

400g thinly chopped chicken breast (or 'cotelettes' flesh)

200g of Chicken sausages

2 large onions

2 medium size tomato

6 full spoons of tomato sauce

Salt & Pepper for seasoning

6 full spoons of Olive oil

1 Green, 1 yellow and 1 red pepper

12 black olives

120g of Parmesan or Mozzarella cheese for the topping

80g of Parmesan or Mozzarella cheese for the crust

Oregano to season

Special seasoning spices for chicken (any one of your preference - refer step 12 to see

the one I use)


Step 1: In a mixing bowl, add flour, sugar, salt and yeast and mix together

Step 2: When your dry ingredients are well mixed, add your vegetable oil, eggs and water

Step 3: Knead well with your hands until you obtain a malleable and non sticky dough as in the picture below.

Tip : If ever you find it too dry (small lumps falling), add some more water (10ml at a time). If on the contrary you find it sticky (sticks to your hand), add some more flour (10g at a time)

Step 4: When your pizza dough is ready, put it aside and cut your cheese (80g dedicated for the crust) into small rectangular shape as below. (Note: I used Parmesan cheese but you can certainly use Mozzarella cheese or any other cheese of your preference )

Step 5: I did not want to make a very large pizza and preferred to do it in individual portions, so I separated my dough into 4 equal portions. I took one portion, and using the rolling pin, flattened it (~8mm thickness) and positioned on my baking tray. Then cheese was added on the perimeter, about 1.5cm away from the border like below.

Step 6: Fold the border over the cheese and press firmly so that it sticks and 'locks' the cheese inside

Step 7: Repeat same actions with all the other portions of pizza dough

Step 8: Pizza crusts ready for topping !

Step 9: In your pan, add your chopped tomatoes, 2 spoons of olive oil, 2 pinches of salt and 1 pinch of pepper and as soon as it has softened, add your tomato sauce

Step 10: Stir for about 2 minutes, stop the heat and spread your sauce on your pizza crust base

Pizza crusts ready for more topping

Step 12: In your pan, add your sliced chicken, 2-3 pinches of salt, 2 pinches of pepper, 3 spoons of Olive oil, your thinly chopped garlic and your chicken special seasoning spices. As soon as your chicken pieces become white (almost cooked), then add in your sliced chicken sausages. Stir fry for about 2-3 minutes on high heat or until the meat pieces starts to become golden brown.

Note: Careful, if the chicken seasoning spices you are using contains salt, then no need to add salt in the beginning of this step

Worth mentioning that while you are preparing your topping (tomato, chicken etc...) you will notice that your pizza crust will be raising slightly, no worry, this is supposed to be ...

Step 11: Add about 60g of grated cheese (reserve the other 60g allocated for topping to use as final touch) over your tomato sauce as well as an even seasoning of Oregano

Step 13: Distribute your meat pieces (chicken and sausage) evenly on top of the grated cheese and tomato spread

Step 14: In your pan, add 1 spoon of Olive oil, your chopped red, green and yellow pepper, a pinch of salt and pepper and sir fry for 1 minute on high heat

Step 15: Distribute your red, green and yellow pepper evenly as in the image below

Step 16: Finally add your remaining grated cheese as well as your sliced onions (circularly cut) and your black olives (remove their seeds ) and some more Oregano. Voila ...

Step 17: Allow to rest for 30 minutes and then cook in a preheated oven at 175 degrees Celsius for 25 minutes or until golden brown

Out of oven - Hot hot hot !

Bon appetit and also, know that this dish made an amazing hit for lunch with my family ! I hope you will share the same love and joy with yours.. Good Luck...


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