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Personalised notepad using laser foil printing !

Hello Everyone !

I hope that your end of year season is going on well and merry .

This tutorial aims at showing you how to create a unique personalised gift for your loved ones using laser foil printing from my previous turorial (Easy laser foil printing) !

Hope you enjoy.

Peace, Love and Light,


Personalised Notepad !

Step 1: Using any editing software that allows working with layers (I am using Adobe Photoshop), create two layers, layer 1 containing 10x10cm images (as per your loved ones` preference) to be printed using an inkjet printer and layer 2 containing black borders (10.3 x 10.3 cm ) and the names of your loved ones to be printed using a laser printer as shown below .

Step 2: Set layer 2 visibility to false and print layer 1 using your inkjet printer then set layer 1 visibility to false and print layer 2 using your laser printer.

Note: Use the smoothest paper you can in 180g.

Step 3: Add foil (gold, silver etc... as per your preference) and place in your laminator machine (see tutorial on laser foil printing). Then cut accordingly (using a die cut machine or scissors) .

Step 4: Get your notepad for personalisation and remove the original cover . I purchased the one below at Intermart at Rs45 !

Step 5: Cut a piece of cardstock (preferably double sided - 240g) to fit exactly the three sides of your notepad as shown below.

Step 6: Place double sided tape on the back and 'up' sides (total 2 sides) of your notepad and stick accordingly !

Step 7: Still using double sided tape, stick your foiled image (obtained from step 3) on the cover of your notepad and voila !

Step 8: You may also add the name (foiled) again on the 'up' side for that cute effect as shown below ...

Step 9: Your personalised notepad is now ready !

Of course, repeat the same process to spread more happiness !

Wrap with cellophane and add ribbons to offer as gift ...


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