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Peanut Butter Cupcakes

Peanut Butter Cupcakes (For 12 large yummy cupcakes) - Vegetarian

For the cupcakes

1 sachet of Moirs Cake Mix in Vanilla Flavour (Rs89 at Intermart - refer photo step 1)

80ml of melted margarine (microwaved for 30 seconds)

180ml of milk

20ml of Vanilla essence

150g of unsweetened peanut butter (Rs109 at Intermart - refer photo step 5)

12 large cupcake liners (I purchased mine here)

For frosting and decoration

85g of butter

195g of unsweetened peanut butter (Rs109 at Intermart - refer photo step 5)

150g of icing sugar

10ml Vanilla essence

35ml of milk

40g of your favourite roasted peanuts

Star shape icing noozle (refer photo step 11)

1 piping bag


Step 1 (Preparing cupcakes): Place your cupcake liners in your cupcake mold !

Step 2: In a mixing bowl add your Vanilla cake mix, followed by your melted margarine.

Step 3 : Then add your milk followed by your vanilla essence .

Step 4: Using your hand whisk, mix everything together until you obtain a smooth batter.

Step 5: Then add in your peanut butter and mix again until well combined !

Step 6: When you obtained a uniform and smooth mixture, your batter is ready ! Using a spoon, fill your cupcake liners (75% / not 100% !). Then bake them in a pre-heated oven at 175 degrees Celsius for 20-25 minutes or until a brochette pick comes out clean when inserted in the center of any cupcake.

Note: Do not fill your cupcake liners completetly (100%) because your batter will actually rise when baking !

Step 7: Cupcakes baking in progress and eventually out of the oven, hot hot hot !... Allow your cupcakes to cool completely before decoration !

Step 8 (preparing frosting): While your cupcakes are cooling, prepare your frosting ! In a mixing bowl, add your butter, peanut butter and mix mix mix (3-4 minutes) using your electric mixer until you obtain a smooth mixture !

Step 9: Then add in your icing sugar, mix until combined, add your vanilla essence and again mix until combined.

Step 10: Finally add your milk and perform a final mix for about 3 minutes until you obtain a smooth/fluffy frosting for your peanut butter cupcakes !

Note: You will observe while mixing that the color of your frosting becomes paler ..

Step 11: Get your star shape icing noozle in your piping bag and fill the latter with your peanut butter frosting .

Step 12: In a circular way and starting outwards towards the center, pipe small stars on one cupcake.

Step 13: Repeat with all of your cupcakes !

Step 14: Top up with your favourite roasted peanuts !...

Voiiiiiiiiila !...

(Pictures below taken without flash for true colors )

Enjoy and mostly, share them with Love ..


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