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My Yankee Candle collection !

Hello Everyone !

I hope that you are doing fine. Winter is coming soon and I was longing to share with you my collection of Yankee Candles ! Apart of providing nice scents in the house, they are great house warmers (get ready for some warmth on those coming cold nights during Winter) as well as a beautiful source of light. Like I mentioned in one of my previous post, any source of light should remind us of how wonderful it is to see and to be seen. For instance light is like love, the more you nurture it in your heart, the happier you make others and the happiest you become...

I do not know if you like scented candles like me but if you do, then this post is for you. Do check the links at the end of this page to see how to make your own candles, how to repair your candles if they have tunneled and how to recycle your used jars.

I send you my warmest wishes.



Note: When you purchase on the "Scented Candle Shop" online store, the shipping cost may be a bit high but your candles, tarts etc... will be well wraped (bubble paper and/or polysterene block) for best protection. The postal service used is normally UPS in priority mail for large orders or standard mail for smaller orders.

On the first row

Scents: Snowflake Cookie, November Rain, Beach Flowers, Christmas Memories,

Red Apple Wreath, Chamomile Tea, Season Of Peace, Nature`s Paintbrush, Midsummer`s Night

On the second row

Scents: Salted Caramel, Warm Spice, Turquoise Sky, Red Velvet,

Wedding day, Black Coconut, Black Cherry, November Rain, Paradise Spice, Sugared Apple

On the third row

Scents: Waikiki Melon, Fireside Treats, Child Wish, White Gardenia, Beach Wood, Christmas Cookie, Wild Passion Fruit, Merry Marshmallow, Snow in Love, Sugared Apple, Honey Blossom, Honey Glow, Soft Blanket, Sweet Apple, Lilac Blossom, Midsummer`s Night, Cappucinno, Champaca Blossom, Shortbread Cookie

On the "burnt candle" shelf

Scents: Snow in Love, Sugared Apple, Honey Blossom, Sugar castle, Beach Walk, Christmas Memories, Angel Wings, Beach Wood, Snowflake Cookie, Christmas Cookie, Red Apple Wreath, Wild Passion Fruit

My Favourites!

Simply Amazing Fruity Scents !

Pineapple Cilantro : My Mum and I love this very true scent of Pineapple. Very fresh and fruity.

Sugared Apple : This scent is really special. It makes me think of a very juicy apple in or with a sorbet.

Black Cherry : Warm and great to burn in the kitchen. Very true cherry smell.

Mixing Food with Freshness !

Shortbread Cookie : A great scent which makes me think of "Gateau Napolitaine" ...

Black Coconut : Very Fresh scent great for bedroom or even at work ! Quite masculine, great as men`s gift.

Most Romatic Scents of all !

Soft Blanket : The freshness and softness of this scent makes you feel like sleeping as a baby. Really smells like clean laundry.

Snow In Love : Wooo, this one is really really one that can bring on great souvenirs. Sweet, warm and fresh all at the same time.

Beach Wood : Feel like a sweet time with your loved one near a woodfire at the beach? this one is just for you.

Simply Amazing Fresh Scents !

Pineapple Cilantro : Midsummer`s Night. Very fresh and masculine scent. Great as men`s gift !

Honey Glow : This one smells just like when you enter in one of those very expensive perfume shop !

Nature`s Paintbrush : Very true scent of Autumn/ dry leaves. Fresh and very special.

Miam Miam Miam Scents !

Red Velvet : Very Yummy scent ! Rich Vanilla with butter .. Closely ressembles the "Christmas Cookie" scent.

Cappuccino : Just smell like freshly made coffee with a touch of cream.

Merry Marshmallow : Very sugary scent with a small touch of Vanilla.

Fresh and Floral Scents !

Honey Blossom : Wonderful floral scent with a touch of sweetness in the flavour of honey. Great for mother`s day.

Beach Walk : Fresh and romantic at the same time. If you like the "I am in holidays" feeling, this one is just for you.

Cranberry Pear : Very unique scent that makes me think of a very juicy pear in the hot summer !

Lovely Kiku : Great floral scent that makes me think of the "Honey Blossom" scent.

Champaca blossom : This ones really smell like a clean and fresh "floral" laundry !

True rose : Like the scent of a big beautiful rose blossoming in the garden.

Cappuccino Truffle : Smell more like chocolate with a touch of coffee !

Under the palms : This "scent" makes me think like being in holidays !

Turquoise Sky : Really smells like "Beach Walk" but a bit more masculine !

Red velvet : Rich Vanilla and butter scent.

Waikiki Melon : This one really scent like Tutti Fruity bubble gum !

Sweet Apple : Really smells like juicy apple in a hot summer.

Red Apple Wreath (Tumbler) : Definitely a unique scent of Apples with a touch of Christmas !

Aloe Water : Very fresh scent perfect for the bathroom !

Pink grapefruit : My favourite in the fruit category this year (2015). A really true scent of pink grapefruit.

Egyptian Musk : A very masculine scent from the "Out of Africa" collection by Yankee candle.

Vanilla Bourbon : Amazing scent of coffee and vanilla !

Sugary Sweet Snowfall : This one is a very sweet scent as if sugar with snow perfect for Christmas !

Lilac Blossom : Very Floral scent that would be great for Mother`s day.

Celebrate (Limited edition - 2015) : Honestly smells like "Biscuit Gaufrettes", my favourite snack when I was at school !

Winter Glow (Released October 2015 for Christmas 2015) : My newest and most loved scent in the fresh / festive category this year. The label is simply beautiful and the scent is amazingly fresh and unique for it gives the sensation of being in the snow and yet feeling warm !

Festive candle scent and accessories !

Tart burner : Great for burning your Tarts !

Angel Wings : Initially I did not like this scent but later on after burning one tart, I simply loved it. Very warm and rich in Vanilla

Illuma-Lid : Great for use with your large and medium jars for even burning (less risk for tunneling to occur)

Thank you for watching

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