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Honey chicken with roasted almonds

Honey chicken with roasted almond (For 5-6 persons)

About 1Kg of fresh chicken (use your favorite pieces)

350g of garlic honey barbecue sauce (refer photo step 2)

Salt and pepper to season

100g chopped blanched almonds (refer photo step 8)

5 branches of thyme


Step 1: Prepare your chicken pieces. I have started to use the one below because it does not contain any antibiotics (more natural than chemical) and also because I find the taste and texture far better. Not only it is softer but it does not release much water when cooking. In any case, you may use any other of your choice ..

Step 2: Remove the skin of your chicken pieces, place them in a baking dish and using a fork, prick well your chicken`s flesh. This will help the sauce to eventually penetrate well in the flesh for enhanced taste .. Then get your garlic honey barbecue sauce !

Note: I personally consider it important to remove the skin when cooking chicken in the oven because the skin contains much saturated fat which is not good for health. However when doing a barbecue (grill), it is then better to leave the skin to protect the flesh from the high heat and in same case, the fat is going to burn and fall off while grilling ..

Step 3: Spread some salt and pepper on your chicken pieces. Then using your silicon brush, spread about 3/4 of your garlic honey barbecue sauce on your chicken pieces keeping the rest of the sauce for step 5.

Step 4: Using aluminum foil, cover your baking dish and allow your chicken to cook covered in a preheated oven at 200 degrees Celsius for 45 minutes.

Step 5: After 45 minutes, remove your chicken pieces from the oven. Using a spoon, pour the sauce formed in the baking dish on the chicken pieces followed by the remaining garlic honey barbecue sauce (from step 3) using your silicon brush. Then bake uncovered (on "Grill" mode) for 10 more minutes at 200 degrees Celsius.

Step 6: Your chicken after baking covered for 45 minutes (step 4) and 10 minutes grilling uncovered (step 5) !

Step 7: Switch off your oven. Cover again your baking dish with your aluminum foil and place it again in your oven (switched off) until serving time to keep it hot/warm and allow re hydration of the flesh for more tenderness .

Step 8: Time to roast your almonds ! In a small pan, allow your chopped almonds to roast for an enhanced taste ! Your almond is done when it become slightly golden brown. Do not forget to stir continuously for an even distribution of heat.

Step 9: Get out your chicken pieces which were reserved in the oven and serve them on your favorite serving plate. Pour the sauce in the baking dish on the chicken pieces and spread as well your thyme leaves evenly for that fresh touch !..

Step 10: Lastly add your roasted almonds and voila !

Step 11: Your honey chicken with roasted almonds is ready to be served !...

Bon Appetit !...


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