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Gift Bag DIY tutorial!

What you will need:

One A4 paper (150g-200g)

A pair of scissors

A ruler

A pencil

An eraser

An 8mm circular paper punch

Double sided tape

4 2-holes buttons

About 30cm of Raffia ribbon (any other ribbon type will do) for the bag handles

Paper grass (optional)

Of course, a gift or a gift box!

Any other form of embellishment (tags, "peel-off" stickers, flowers, buttons, pompoms etc... )


Step 1: Using your pencil, draw a line of about 1cm on one of the shortest side of your A4 paper. Use your scissor`s handle or your ruler to firmly score your paper along that line.

Step 2: Place double sided tape along that same line but only in the smaller section of the page without touching or going over the line you drawn.

Step 3: Remove the double sided tape protective film and fold your page as in the image below. Eventually score and fold on that same opposite side to ensure that there is not any unaesthetic creases.

Step 4: Turn the page to ensure that it is in a portrait direction then fold from the lower part to the upper part at about 14 cm from the top.

Step 5: Open the folds as in the picture below and place double sided tapes as indicated.

Step 6: Remove the double sided tape protective film to close the lower part of your bag. Now fold your bag as below. As usual use your scissors` handle or ruler to score firmly at the fold lines.

Step 7: Open the bag and use your hand (inside the box) to form its final shape !

Decorative Suggestions !

Use your favourite edge paper puncher to add a border to your bag !

Step 8: Use your 8mm paper punch to make 4 holes for the handles like in the picture below

Step 9: Pass your ribbon inside the holes as in the picture below to make the handles. Use a button of your choice to act as 'stopper' as well as to add that special 'homemade' touch ..

Step 10: Decorate your bag with any accessories you have at hand ..

Step 11: Fill your bag with some paper grass and insert your gift and/or gift box !

Voila !...


1. If you want a bigger bag you can use A3 pages or other larger paper dimensions. The technique remains the same.

2. If you have edge paper punches, you may punch the top area of your bag for that special touch of yours !

3. If you enjoy using Photoshop like I do, do not hesitate to customize your bag for any special occasions..

4. Using "Peel-Off" stickers in gold or silver really adds in a charming and elegant touch

5. Have fun decorating your gift bag !

Thank you for watching !

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