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Giant chocolate cupcake cake

Giant Chocolate Cupcake Cake ! For all Cupcake lovers out there ! (For 10-12 persons)

For the cake

400g of cream cheese (I use 'Philadelphia' brand - 2 boxes)

600g pastry flour

510g unsalted butter

5g salt

15g baking powder

500g castor sugar

9 eggs

8ml of pure vanilla extract

45g of cocoa powder

200g of chocolate chips

Note: You will need a large cupcake mold to make this cake ! You can get one here (metal) or here (silicon).

For the decoration

250g of white sugar paste or fondant (refer photo step 19 and see note below)

250g of red sugar paste or fondant (refer photo step 19 and see note below)

About 2 tablespoons of Nutella

About 4 tablespoons of strawberry jam

Gel food coloring (blue, yellow, green, brown) Purchased on Ebay: Here

Note: I purchased the fondant at Intermart Ebene at Rs130 (250g/ Brand 'Vahine' )


Step 1 : In your standing mixer bowl, mix butter, sugar and cream cheese on a low to medium speed.

Note: You may also use your hand mixer. I actually prefer to use a standing mixer when I am using more than 500g of flour.

Step 2: Scrape your bowl from time to time (stop your mixer first ) to ensure uniform mixing ! As soon as your mixture (butter/ sugar/ cream cheese) is smooth and fluffy (indicated by a paler yellow color), stop your mixer.

Step 3 : In a bowl add your flour, salt, baking powder (all sifted together if possible) as well as your cocoa powder and mix all together to obtain your dry ingredients mixture.

Step 4: To your butter mixture from step 2, add 1/3 of your dry ingredients mixture (step 3) and 3 eggs. Turn on your mixer again on a low to medium speed and allow the dry ingredients mixture (1/3) and eggs (3) to combine well with your butter mixture. Repeat until all dry ingredients and eggs have been added. As usual do not forget to scrape the mixing bowl when necessary .

Step 5: When your batter has become smooth and sexy, add in your chocolate chips and pure vanilla extract!

Step 6: Perform a final mix (low-medium speed) and voila, your cake batter is ready !

Step 7: Lightly grease your large cupcake mold (line with parchment paper where possible) using your favorite silicon brush .

Step 8: Bake your cake in a preheated oven at 160 degrees Celsius for 1 hour and 20 minutes or until a brochette pick comes out clean when inserted in the center.

Note: If you have cake batter that remained, add them in cupcake liners (normal/ actual size ).

Step 9: When your cake is ideally baked. Allow to cool completely then remove the two pieces from the mold (top and bottom pieces of the large cupcake !).

Step 10: Using a sharp knife, cut the excess parts of the two large cupcake pieces (keep for your snack time !) so that they both hold well together (below right).

Step 11: Using your favorite silicon brush or spatula, spread a thin coat of strawberry jam on the bottom piece of your cupcake !

Step 12: Using a rolling pin, flatten your red fondant to a thickness of about 3mm.

Step 13: Place your rolled red fondant over the bottom piece of your cupcake (coated with jam) and using your warm clean hands, tenderly position in place. Ensure to give much attention to the wavy patterns on the outer surface .

Step 14: Place a slight amount of Nutella on your cake board and place the bottom piece of your cake in the center as shown below. The Nutella will ensure that your cake does not 'slide' when positioned accordingly. Eventually place 2 tablespoons of Nutella as well as 2 teaspoons of jam on the uncovered part of the bottom cake piece.

Step 15: Spread the Nutella and jam uniformly and position this time the top part of your cupcake !

Note: The jam and Nutella will ensure that both cake pieces stick well together and also that your cake remain moist ...

Step 16: Using a rolling pin, flatten your white fondant to a thickness of about 3mm.

Step 17: Place your rolled white fondant over the top piece of your cupcake (coated with jam prior to positioning the fondant) and using your warm clean hands, tenderly position in place. Ensure to give much attention to the spiral patterns on the top surface .

Step 18: Time for more fun ! Color about 20g of white fondant in blue, another one in yellow (20g) and lastly one in green (20g). I have not colored one in red since I had red fondant that remained when covering the bottom cake piece !.

Step 19: Make a long band of each color and cut into small pieces as shown below. This will be your cupcake sprinkles !

Info: The last time I made this action was at pre-primary playing with 'plasticine' as a kid !

Step 20: With your remaining red fondant, you may add a chain on flowers at the line of separation between the top and bottom parts of your large cupcake (This is optional).

Step 21: Time to add your sprinkles using a small damp brush !

Note: Try to vary colors when 'sprinkling' !

Step 22: 'La cerise sur le gateau !' Take a piece of red fondant and roll it in a small ball (about 2.5cm diameter). Also color a small piece of white fondant in brown and roll it with your fingers until it looks like a small stem.

Note: To make your cherry look more realistic, brush it (red ball) with a damp brush ( Cherries Glacé ) and brush also the stem with some brown food coloring !. You may use a toothpick to hold the stem in place while drying.

Step 23: Voiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiila !

Next to a real/ normal size cupcake !

You may add your special decorations ! (ribbons / personalized tags / cupcake toppers etc...)


Voiiiiiiiiila !


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