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Gateau Patates version Cat

Gateau Patate version Cat - For about 20 servings)

550g patate (sweet potatoes)

400g pastry flour

1g vanilla powder (optional)

zest from 1 large orange

260g of icing sugar

225g margarine

200ml cooking cream (refer photo step 6)

3g salt

10g baking powder

2 eggs (replace by 60ml milk for vegetarian version)

30ml vanilla essence

Note: Use any type of bread pan for baking your gateau patate ..


Step 1 : Wash your patates !

Step 2: In your pressure cooker, add some water and salt to taste. I have not mentioned about the amount of water and salt because it all depends on the size of your pressure cooker. The idea is that your patates are fully immersed in water. Then cook on low-medium heat for about 15 minutes.

Step 3 : After 15 minutes, verify if your patates are done by inserting a brochette pick in the largest one. If it penetrates easily, then your patates are done ! Add them to your colander to remove excess water and allow them to cool. In the meantime, add flour, sugar, salt, vanilla powder (optional), baking powder and your orange zest in a bowl and mix together. Put the latter aside to be used in step 8.

Tip 1: If your patates are not done after the 15 minutes, cook for some more time while verifying every 5 minutes still using your brochette pick .

Tip 2: When using your pressure cooker, please ensure that all the steam is expelled out of the cooker (no high internal pressure) prior to opening it for safety reasons ..

Step 4: When your patates have cooled, mash them using your potato masher or grate them like I did

Step 5: Add margarine to your mashed or grated patates and mix using your hand mixer

Step 6: When your patates and margarine have very well combined together (uniform color of paste), add your eggs (or milk if you are doing a vegetarian version), vanilla essence followed by your cooking cream.

Step 7: Mix mix mix until well combined (uniform color)

Step 8: Add your dry ingredients set aside in step 3 and mix again until well combined.

Tip: You may add your dry ingredients all at once or in 2-3 times

Step 9: Grease your bread pan/s using your favourite silicon brush and fill it/them with your patates paste obtained from the previous step 8.

Step 10: Bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees Celsius for 45 minutes or until a brochette pick comes out clean when inserted in the middle.

Note: Your gateau patates will rise during cooking and may even crack. No worries about that, when it will cool down, it will return compact and even wihout the cracks. Refer second picture below .

Out of oven (left photo) - Hot hot hot with cracks and risen.

Cooled down gateau patates (right photo) - Flat and without cracks ..

Step 11: When your gateau patates is cooled, let them sit in your refrigerator for about an hour and after that, place them on a baking sheet and cut equal slices !

Step 12: Seal the slices for increased freshness ..

Step 13: You may pack them using your favourite paper gift bags if you intend to offer as gifts.

You may try to add some colors in a small amount of the patate paste to create a marble pattern. Enjoy and mostly, spread some love today !

Gateau Patates Mauricien Version Cat !

You may also give to your gateau patates a twist by adding 80g of Corinthian raisins at step 8 !


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