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Gateau Manioc / Pudding Manioc Mauricien By Jerome !

Gateau Manioc / Pudding Manioc Mauricien By Jerome !

Hi Everyone !

I am very happy to welcome again my brother Jerome on this blog for a recipe that I was longing to share which I learned exclusively from him; the "Gateau Manioc" or if you prefer; the "Pudding Manioc", a well known delicacy from our dear Mauritius Island!

To be honest I had no idea of how to make it, actually I never made "Pudding Manioc" in my whole life but fortunately last Saturday, Jerome was happy to share his recipe and best, that we do it together !...

My first impression about his version of "Pudding Manioc" is that it is the best I ever had because it is just so creamy and tasty and the fact that he uses fresh coconut flakes at the end makes it even more special ! The ones I had before available in most supermarkets are more like a compact paste and at times I am deceived because it is not intense in taste and the coconut flakes are the dried version type.

The one Jerome taught me on the contrary is very intense in taste, it even makes me think of one of my favorite Indian sweet which contains milk and God knows how I Love milk .

I hope that you will appreciate his recipe like I did and that you will do it to eventually share much love to your family and friends like he did ..

Enjoy ...

Ingredients for 20-25 servings :

Note: Manioc is called "Cassava" in English but for the purpose of this recipe I will stay in the traditional way of calling it here in Mauritius, that is "Manioc".

500g of Manioc (Cassava)

1 tablespoon of sugar

1 can (400ml) of coconut milk

1 can (395g) of condensed milk

5ml of vanilla essence

60g of grated fresh coconut

2 drops of food coloring (any of your choice) - Optional


Step 1: Remove the skin of your Manioc (Cassava) without forgetting any dark spot and any coarse fibers as well. Then chop it into small pieces.

Step 2: In your blender, add half of your chopped Manioc together with half of your coconut milk and your tablespoon of sugar then blend blend blend.... (You may put half/half each time like we did if your blender is not very big to avoid the latter to be overloaded and get damaged )

Step 3: When the first half of your Manioc has been totally chopped, add the remaining half as well as the remaining half of your coconut milk, then continue to blend.

Step 4: Proceed with the blending until you obtain a smooth paste like in the picture below:

Step 5: When you obtain a smooth paste like in the picture above, put the latter in a mixing bowl, add your condensed milk and mix well with a spoon until the latter is fully incorporated in the Manioc paste .

Step 6: Then add in your vanilla essence and mix well.

Step 7: At this stage you may go straight to step 8 but if you want to add you own special touch like Jerome did, you may take half of the mixture, color it with any food coloring of your choice, then spread it over the other white manioc mixture in a lightly greased baking dish.

Step 8: Cover your baking dish containing your Manioc mixture well with Aluminium foil (no water should be able to come in) and allow to cook in a double boiler (bain-marie) for about 1 hour on low-medium heat.

Step 9: After 1 hour cooking in a double boiler (bain-marie) !

Step 10: Assistant (me ) cutting the "Pudding Manioc" in small rectangles..

Step 11: Finally grate your fresh coconut and coat your Pudding Manioc slices with these fresh coconut flakes. Your Pudding Manioc is ready for eating and mostly, ready for sharing !...

Voila !...

Provided by Jerome

Thank you for watching

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