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Fried Meefoon


1 packet (500g) of Meefoon/ Rice vermicelli

1 packet (500g) of pre-cut vegetables (refer making of photo)

2 large red onions

40ml (or 4 teaspoons) of sunflower oil

2 teaspoon of sugar

3 cloves of garlic

1 can of shredded mushroom

2 bouquet of spring onions

Mushroom sauce

1 box of 'Meefoon soup' seasoning (refer making of photo)

3 full pinches of pepper

50g of thinly sliced cabbage

5 chicken sausages cut in thin slices (Optional)


Step 1: Soak your Meefoon/Rice vermicelli in some hot water until it becomes soft

Step 2: Once your rice vermicelli has become soft enough, remove the excess water.

Step 3: Stir fry your oil, onions (sliced), garlic (thinly chopped) and sugar on a medium heat until your onions become soft and 'translucent type'

Step 4: When your onions are soft, add your shredded mushrooms, your vegetables and sliced sausages (if applicable) and continue to stir for about 5-6 minutes on a high heat.

Step 5: Add 3/4 of the box of your seasoning salt (Meefoon special available in most supermarkets) and pepper and continue to stir for about 2 minutes still on high heat.

Step 6: TURN OFF the heat and add your thinly sliced cabbage and spring onions (reserve some of the latter for final topping) and mix until they become soft.

Step 7: Spread half of the amount of Meefoon over the vegetables, add some mushroom sauce (enough for good coverage) and using 2 forks, start mixing all together.

Step 8: Repeat the same step 7 with the remaining Meefoon and after mixing all together, add the remaining chopped spring onions as final touch !

Meefoon Ready !

Great for eating with a moist and soft chicken tandoori ! - Check for recipe here !

Bon Appetit !


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