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French Macarons By Jerome !

Hello Everyone !

I hope that you are all doing great ! Today I have the immense pleasure and honor to welcome again my brother Jerome on the blog for a special and exclusive "making-of" of French Macarons by Jerome himself ! Over time Jerome has become an amazing "Macaron Man" working with very good techniques and manoeuvring with ease at each and every step of Macarons making.

Though French Macarons remain the most delicate, difficult, temperamental and finicky cookies in the world, when you remain focus on the Love and Light that you are going to propagate while giving to others with good heart, you have no other choice than to succeed all the way !

I hope that this will inspire many of you to embark on this great adventure of Macarons making so that you can like Jerome spread much Love and Light among all persons in your life ! Do not forget to check the links at the end of this making-of for the full recipe, piping template and tips.

God Bless ,


French Macarons By Jerome !


Macarons` Flavors: Pear , Lemon and Liquorice !

Sifting, weighing and mixing Almond powder and sugar !

Preparing the hot syrup for the Italian Meringue

Pouring the hot syrup in the egg whites

Mixing the Almond powder + sugar + food coloring + remaining egg whites + love + joy

Checking on the Italian Meringue before adding it to the Almond paste

Macaronage in progress (tension blesser !)

Macaronage still in progress (tension plis blesser !)

Macaronage completed to the perfect "lava-like" consistency

Piping piping piping !

Piped Macarons "Drying Session"

Piped Macarons "Drying Session"

Piped Macarons "Drying Session"

Macaron shells pairing

Filling the Macaron shells (Part 1)

Filling the Macaron shells (Part 2)

Packaging time ! (Part 1)

Packaging time ! (Part 2)

Packaging time ! (Part 3)

Voila !

French Macarons By Jerome with flavors: Pear , Lemon and Liquorice !

Jerome and Catriona

Provided by Jerome and Catriona !...

Thank you for watching !

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