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Festive Season favorites !

December has always been the best time of the year for me. Not only because it is summer (I love summer) but mostly because I get to share much Love to people around me. Normally in December I enjoy baking for everyone (actually this is all year round !) Christmas cookies, cupcakes and cakes and also purchasing gifts for my family, my friends and other special persons in my life. I also enjoy to prepare the family annual Christmas dinner including making the invitation cards with the menu to send to our guests. I do certainly like all 'Christmassy' things because they always remind me of my childhood.

So this year my favorite things for the festive season are:

1. A special and beautiful gift in the form of unique Christmas decorations offered to me by simply beautiful persons.

Offered to me with Love, received by me with even more Love.. These unique and so special Christmas decorations will accompany me this Christmas and all my future Christmases! Yet the greater gift remains the souvenir of the special persons who gave them to me. Thank You !...

The invitation card I made with all my love for our guests

Who does not like to enjoy a special movie night at home during the festive season ? If you are someone who enjoys 'Christmassy' things like me, these movies really worth watching. Concerning the 'Polar Express' movie, this one is my favorite classic, I always watch it every year at Christmas time because I find that it is a movie which really reinforces the spirit of Christmas. Hope you will enjoy too.

He was offered to me as a gift at the start of December. I was told that he was purchased at Espace Maison at Shoprite and I just find him sooooo cute and mimi! As such I thought that he merits to be featured in my favorites for this Festive Season 2014 .

'Playful Penguin' candle holder collection by Yankee Candle

It is always nice to listen to some good Christmas songs during the festive seasons, especially when you are receiving your family home or decorating the house ! I got these two CDs from Ebay and they were magical. I certainly prefer this traditional type of music rather than the pop/electronic types available nowadays. In any case, some beautiful Christmas songs always add up to give that warm and magical Christmas spirit!

This was offered to me by a very special person with a very beautiful soul. Thank you ever so much. She knows how much I love Yankee Candles and certainly I simply love this tart burner ...

Offered to me as a gift ! Offered to me by a very nice girl, this Cutie is really one of a kind and definitely one of my favorites this season. And the fact that it is handmade makes it even more special to me. To all persons out there, take this as an example to always let your creativity 'explode like a firework' by taking inspiration from the things or persons you love.

"Christmas 2014 Yankee candle collection"

The large jars are actually the Christmas 2013 candle collection I purchased last year at Arcasa in Mauritius and the box of votives are the Christmas 2014 candle collection I purchased on ebay. It is out of stock now but you still can get them separately here.

Actually I intend to leave one large jar lighted in all large rooms of the house when the guests shall come home for the Christmas Dinner as well as for New Year eve celebration. For the votives, I will burn them in smaller areas like toilets/bathrooms because if I use the large jars the throw will simply be too high.

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