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Festive Season 2015 favorites !

Festive Season 2015 favorites !

Hello Everyone !

I hope that you are enjoying a great end of year. Before we close 2015, I wanted to share with you my favourites for the season like I did last year. I also take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy and Blessed New Year 2016. May it be full of love, hope, peace, joy, health, prosperity, success and all best things in life. Most of all always remember to praise God for all the things He does for you each and every day.

Hope you enjoy.

Peace, Love and Light,


Favourite 1: A beautiful ceramic Christmas plate I bought at Manjoo Bagatelle (Rs100) that I used as jar candle plate !

Favourite 2: A special ceramic Christmas tealight holder by Yankee Candle !

Favourite 3: Claire Burke "Christmas Memories" fragrance collection featuring the Pot Pourri, Fragrance oil, Simmering Oil and Fragrance Spray.

Favourite 4: Pot Pourri by Yankee Candle in Balsam & Cedar (Green) and Sparkling Cinnamon (Red)

Favourite 5: Food products including Candy Canes I purchased on Ebay and my favourite butter biscuits by Jacobsen.

Favourite 6: Beauty products including lip balms Christmas collection by Body Shop and my super favourite shower gel Roger Gallet in "Fleur d'Osmanthus"

Favourite 7: Cute Christmas money wallets purchased at Intermart at Rs72 (x4)

Favourite 8: Super cute gift bags by Hallmark purchased at Arcasa when it was still operational

Favourite 9: Great Christmas cookie cutters still purchased at Arcasa when it was still operational

Favourite 10: Unique Christmas decorations purchased at Mr Bricolage and Espace Maison

Favourite 11: Cute rhinestones purchased at Mr Bricolage at Rs50 one sheet (left). Glitter dust purchased at Espace Maison at Rs40 each.

Favourite 12: Mini ribbon with bells (x100) and mini pegs (x10) both purchased at Espace Maison at Rs125 and Rs75 respectively

Favourite 13: Amazing battery operated light (in a beautiful filigree golden globe) that will definitely give to your table a unique look (Rs365 at Mr Bricolage)

Favourite 14: Adorable lantern (the stand was purchased separately on Ebay) purchased at Espace Maison at Rs159

Favourite 15: My favourite of all, this multi-tealight candle holder that will definitely stay around even when not during the festive season


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