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Emboss like a Boss !

Hello Everyone !

To end this year beautifully, why not learn something new to add sparkle to your life !

In this tutorial you will learn how to emboss like a boss for all your creative projects !

Tools and equipments you will need:

Embossing powders

Embossing ink pad (I use Versamark ink)

Embossing pen (optional - Versamark watermark pen)

A heating gun

Stamps (wooden or clear/ silicon)

A stamping block

Colored paper

A pair of scissors or die-cutting machine (optional)

Double-sided tape (optional)

Laser and Inkjet printers (optional - only if you want to combine embossing with laser foil printing)

Adobe Photoshop Software (optional - only if you want to add your own designs)

Emboss like a boss ! WooHoo !

Stamp Set 1 (Many more available on Ebay !)

Stamp Set 2 (Many more available on Ebay !)

Stamp Set 3 (Many more available on Ebay !)

Stamp Set 4 (Many more available on Ebay !)

Get your equipment ready !

Note: Embossing powders come in different types, mainly Ultra High, Regular and Super fine depending on the design you are embossing !

Step 1: Place/ stick your clear stamp on an acrylic block and gently press over your embossing ink pad.

Step 2: Spread your empossing powder entirely over the resulting watermark !

Step 3: Remove/ tap off the excess powder and place it back in its container.

Step 4: Use your heat gun (allow it to become hot enough by letting it work (switched on) for about 1 minute) to start the embossing process ! Woohoo, magic is in the air ...

Step 5: Repeat step 1-3 with other stamps and/ or empossing powders. Have FUN !

Step 6: Embossing using an embossing pen !

Step 7: I am creating a design for a small gift bag using Adobe Photoshop. Note that I will combine the embossing features with laser foil printing for that special effect .

Step 8: Laser foil printing (Tutorial here).

Step 9: Using a die-cutting machine to do a small gift bag (a pair of scissors will also be fine ).

Step 10: Using double-sided tape to assemble the gift bag .

Have fun with more embossing !

Voila !

Great to share homemade bonbons or fudge with your family and friends !


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