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Easy laser foil printing !

Hi Everyone !

I trust you are all doing well !

Today I want to share with you how to foil your laser printed text and images so that you can create unique gifts to offer to your loved ones and to spread kindness around !

Hope you enjoy.

Peace, Love and Light,


Tutorial 1: Personalised photo frame !

Step 1: Type your text using your favourite software and font. I am using Adobe Photoshop (Font: 'Amarillo' but you can certainly use Ms Word and any other font you like. Font color should be black.

Step 2: Print your text using any laser printer, not inkjet printer. A laser printer prints with 'toner' which is what reacts with the foil whereas inkjet printer prints with ink which does not react with the foil .

Note: Use the smoothest paper you can in 180g.

Step 3: Trim your paper to the dimensions of your photo frame.

Step 4: Get your toner reactive foil in your favourite color. I purchased mine on Ebay. They cost about 8 USD per roll of 20cm x 10m !

Step 5: Cover your text with a piece of foil and place both (printed text and foil) between a piece of paper.

Step 6: Place them all in a laminator (basic one - highest settings).

Note: If you do not have a laminator, I have seen that a clothes iron as well as a hair straightener will also work . However ensure that you are putting an even pressure on all the printed surface ...

Step 7: The big reveal !

Step 8: You can also print and foil the negative image (below - left) ...

Step 9: Get your favourite photo frame. I purchased mine at Manjoo Interdecor at Bagatelle .

Voila !

Tutorial 2: Foiling images (Can be used on tags and cards among others )

Step 1: Make your design using your favourite software (preferably a vector editing software). I am using Adobe Flash but you can certainly use Illustrator, Corel Draw etc...

Note: Ms Paint can also be used if you do not have any of the software mentioned above .

Step 2: Export your design to JPEG format while keeping a resolution of 300dpi (see the three images which follow).

Step 3: Open your newly created image in Photoshop (or MS Paint) and set your image dimensions.

Note: If you are using Illustrator or Corel Draw, you may perform this step in the software itself. I have exported mine in Photoshop because I have remarked that when I print from Flash, the output is not very satisfactory.

Step 4: I added a border to my design .

Step 5: I created a new document (20cm x 28cm which are the approximate dimensions of an A4 page) with a resolution of 300dpi and added several instances of my design ...

Step 6: I printed the document with the several instances of my design, covered them with foil, laminated them and here is the big reveal !...

Step 7: I then used a circular metal dies with its cutting machine to cut the design accordingly. Scissors can certainly be used too !

Voila !

Tutorial 3: Foiling images containing colors ! (Where colors and foiled images overlap )

Step 1: Make your design using your favourite image editing software. Your software should imperatively offer the possibility to use layers. I am using Adobe Photoshop. The objective is to print your colored design using an inkjet printer (non reactive to toner foil) and your images/ text to foil using your laser printer (reactive to toner foil) . Where your colored design and images/ text to foil should imperatively be on two different layers. Refer to the six images which follow.

Step 2: Eventually cover your printed page with foil, laminate it and here is the big reveal !...

Step 3: I then used a square metal dies with its cutting machine to cut the design accordingly. Scissors can certainly be used too !

Voila !

Making use of Ms Word !

Making use of different colors of toner foil !

The big reveal !...

Voila !...


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