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Do It Yourself (DIY) gifts for your special occasions !

Hi Everybody !

I hope that you are all fine. While many could believe that the greatest and most beautiful gifts are those which are the most expensive ones, today I want to share with you all that I surely do not agree with that.

The most beautiful gifts are certainly not the most expensive ones but the ones you make yourself with all your heart and love. In other words, the greatest gifts are those which are expensive in terms of love and not those expensive in terms of money ..

Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Christmas, Divali, new year etc... , all occasions are actually appropriate to make some homemade gifts for your loved ones and spread some love and light.

I hope that you will enjoy this short but significant post to me because I really want you to think well when planning to give gifts to others. Gifts you buy are good, but gifts you make are great ! The choice is yours...

Peace, Love and Light,


Note: Most recipes are available on the website. I will put the link to the recipe and/or making-of where applicable. Cheers ..

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