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DIY French manicure acrylic nails !

Hi everyone, this tutorial is especially for the ladies out there ...

Tools and equipments you will need:

Acrylic monomer liquid (odorless type recommended)

Acrylic primer (acrylic bonding agent)

Nail glue

White acrylic nail tips (x500 tips)

Acrylic nail clipper

Acrylic nail brush

Acrylic polymer powder (clear)

Acrylic nail file

Nail buffer (sanding nail buffer block)

Nail buffer (shiner nail buffer block)

Clear nail polish: Any one of your preference

How much cost the tools and equipment ?

All the tools and equipments combined will cost you about Rs3000 with which you will be able to make about 25 (yes 25) French manicure acrylic nail sessions at home.

How long does it last ?

3-4 weeks depending on your 'hand use'. After that you may either fill your nails (lower part near the cuticle due to nail growth) or redo another full acrylic session at home.

How can it be removed?

Using any acrylic remover solution (it also becomes soft with acetone for easy removal): Link

Interesting additional tool: Link

Hope you enjoy and remember to always let your light shine bright !


DIY acrylic nails !

Before and After

Step 1: Get all your tools and equipments ready! Wash your hands and trim your nails as short as possible !

Step 2: Select an acrylic tip for each of your fingers paying attention to which number fits best .

Step 3: Place a small amount of nail glue on the border of your acrylic tip as indicated below and stick it at the top of your nail.

Step 4: Repeat the previous step for all your fingers and once the glue has dried, cut the acrylic tips to your desired length using your acrylic nail clipper .

Step 5: Using your sanding nail buffer block, slightly sand your natural nails then add a coat of acrylic bonding agent (only on the natural nail area, not on the acrylic tip). This will favor maximum adhesion .

Step 6: Place a small amount of acrylic monomer (liquid) in a small glass dish and dip in your brush, then quickly dip your moistened brush in your clear acrylic polymer powder, a 'bead' will form !

Step 7: Gently place the 'bead' formed on your (nail + acrylic tip) as shown below and use your brush to spread the acrylic mixture as evenly as possible over the entire (nail + acrylic tip) while avoiding the cuticle area. You may need to create more 'beads' if necessary .

Step 8: Repeat step 7 for all your nails and allow your acrylic to harden completely. This will take about 3-4 minutes ! Once hard, use your acrylic nail file to sand the coarse areas.

Step 9: Continue sanding the coarse areas until the surface appears relatively straight (like a normal long nail).

Step 10: Use your sanding nail buffer block (from coarse to smooth) to further smoothen your acrylic nails .

Step 11: Use your shiner nail buffer block (from smooth to shine) to now 'shine' your acrylic nails !

Step 12: Complete with a top coat (clear nail polish) and voila, your homemade French manicure acrylic nails are done !

For your special occasions ...


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