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Cupbesan Ladoos

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Cupbesan Ladoos (For about 18 servings)

180g ghee (refer photo step 1)

185g of Besan Flour (refer photo step 1)

35g coconut flakes

25g almond powder

1 pinch of Salt

70g icing sugar (you may add up to 120g if you prefer them sweeter)

4g ground cardamom (Elaiti)

40g sliced almonds (refer photo step 10)

Optional for decoration

20g almond paste (Marzipan)

Food coloring

Edible gold dust

Edible sugar pearls


Step 1: Get all your ingredients ready !

Step 2: In your pan on a low-medium heat, add your Besan flour together with your Ghee (clarified butter) and allow the latter to melt slowly.

Step 3: When your Ghee has fully melted, stir well until both is well combined then allow your Besan flour to cook/"toast" while stirring continuously (this will take approximately 10 minutes).

Step 4: While your Besan flour is cooking, add your coconut flakes and almond powder in a small pan and toast them together. You will know when they are done as soon as they start to become brown. Do not forget to continue to stir continuously ..

Step 5: After about 8 minutes you will see that your Besan flour/ Ghee mixture will start to become deeper in color and a nice 'toasted' smell will start to emanate.

Step 6: Your Besan flour/ Ghee mixture is cooked (around 10 minutes on low-medium heat) when you will find emanating a really nice "toasted" smell and the color of the mixture will be sort of concentrated coffee with milk (it was the only thing it made me think of ..).

At this particular phase (Besan flour/ Ghee mixture is cooked), switch OFF the heat and add your toasted coconut/almond mixture, a pinch of salt, your cardamom powder as well as your icing sugar and stir until everything is well combined ..

Step 7: Now wait for your mixture to cool a bit (about 10 minutes) and get your cupcake liners ready.

Step 8: You will find that the more your mixture is cooling, the thicker it will become.

Step 9: Fill your cupcake liners accordingly.

Step 10: Take your sliced almonds and toast them like you toasted your almond/coconut mixture in step 4.

Step 11: Once your sliced almond is toasted (indicated by brown color), spread a litle amount on each of your Cupbesan ladoos !

Step 12: Now place your Cupbesan Ladoos in the refrigerator for 15 minutes just the time for them to harden.

Step 13: After 15 minutes in the refrigerator, the Cupbesan Ladoos have all solidified !...

Step 14: You may add some edible gold dust

Step 15: Take a piece of Marzipan and color it using any food color of your choice.

Step 16: Using your rolling pin, flatten your Marzipan about 3mm thickness and using your favourite cutter/plunger, cut out some corresponding shapes. Eventually using your pastry brush and some water, "stick" your shapes in the center or your Cupbesan Ladoos.

Step 17: Take your edible sugar pearls and stick one in the center of each flower you cut previously (refer step 15-16)

Your Cupbesan Ladoos are ready !


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