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Crumble Pops Bouquet

Crumble Pops Bouquet (For about 10 pops)

For the crumble pops

120g pastry flour

1g of vanilla powder (optional)

30g icing sugar

60g salted butter

5ml Almond essence

2 full tablespoons of Nutella

For decoration and packaging

180g of white chocolate

Green food coloring

80g chopped almonds (grilled and unsalted - refer photo step 13)

60g of white/ uncolored Marzipan (Almond paste) or Fondant (preferable)

Pink food coloring

1 tablespoon of corn flour for dusting

1 cake pops mold (refer photo step 7)

1 metal flower pot (refer photo step 20)

1 florist foam block (refer photo step 21)

A piece of cling film (to wrap the florist foam block)

About 10 paper straws (refer photo step 11)

1 green tissue paper (papier mousseline)

Tons of Love


1. Use your favorite cookie cutter for the decoration part or a sunflower fondant plunger

2. The florist foam block is available in most hypermarkets. I got mine at Tangs Way at Rs25

3. I got the metal flower pot in the gardening section at Daiso at Rs100

4. I got the paper straws at Chong and Sons Port-Louis at Rs37


Step 1 : In your mixing bowl, add your flour, icing sugar and vanilla powder (optional) and mix well together.

Step 2: Once your dry ingredients are uniformly mixed, add butter until fully combined then add your almond essence. Do not knead to make one dough ball, on the contrary ensure to separate any lumps formed as far as possible (crumble dough).

Step 3: Transfer the crumble dough to your pan and on low-medium heat, allow your dough to cook while stirring continuously. Again try as far as possible to break any lumps formed.

Step 4: Check when your crumble dough is ready. The color will start to change to brown/ golden brown as indicated by the red arrows below .

Step 5: Turn off the heat and using your hand mixer, break any large lumps that may have formed.

Tip 1: You may transfer your cooked crumble dough to a different recipient prior to using your hand mixer to avoid any damage to your pan unless you have full control over your device and ensuring to use it only superficially.

Tip 2: Break the lumps only lightly not fully else the crunchiness of your pops will diminish.

Step 6: Add two full tablespoons of Nutella to your cooked crumble dough and mix uniformly !

Step 7: Press firmly in your hands and roll the crumble mixture into small balls (~25g) then place them in your cake pops mold.

Tip 1: I normally weight each and every ball for equal weight to ensure that at the end my crumble pops are all of the same size ..

Tip 2: I place the crumble balls in a cake pop mold to ensure that they retain their circular shapes. If I place them on a plate, my crumble pops may then end up having a "Flat head" !

Step 8: Time for dipping ! Get your favourite white chocolate !

Step 9: Weight your chocolate chips accordingly and microwave them on high at intervals of 15 seconds while stirring well at each interval until your chocolate has fully melted and you obtain a smooth chocolate paste ! miaaaaaam !

Tip: When working with pure melted chocolate, avoid using metal spoons or spatulas to avoid any thermal shock causing your chocolate to seize, prefer silicon or plastic ..

Step 10: Color your melted chocolate with your green food coloring.

Step 11: Get your paper straws and lightly dip one straw into your melted chocolate as shown below

Step 12: Insert your dipped paper straw in one crumble pop ball ! Repeat same steps 11-12 with all the other crumble pop balls !

Step 13: Place all your crumble pop balls in the refrigerator (for not more than 15 minutes) for them to harden. Eventually dip each and every crumble pop ball in your melted chocolate and top with some grilled chopped almonds !

Tip: You may from time to time re-microwave your chocolate for 10 seconds if it has started to cool/ thicken.

Step 14: Voila your crumble pops are almost ready !

Step 15: Time for more decoration ! Color about 75% of your marzipan or fondant ( I am using the latter in this tutorial) to a pale rose color. I am actually trying here to maintain a color scheme with the metal flower pot ..

Step 16: Roll out your pink colored marzipan or fondant to a thickness of about 2mm and using your favourite flower cookie cutter or sunflower fondant plunger, cut out some flower shapes and place them upside down to dry on your cake pop mold as below.

Tip 1: Use some corn flour on your working space to avoid your marzipan or fondant to stick.

Tip 2: I am placing the cut flower shapes on the cake pop mold as I mentioned for them to dry a bit in that position. Eventually on my crumble pops they will have more the shape of a "parabol" (more realistic flower) rather than the shape of a "parasol"

Tip 3: For your fondant or marzipan to dry super fast, you can knead them with a little amount of Tylose powder

Step 17: While your "flowers" are drying peacefully, color the remaining 25% of fondant or marzipan to a pale green color. Make X small balls (X=amount of crumble pops you have) of about equal sizes and press slightly to make them become flat. Then using a toothpick or anything pointy you have at hand, prick prick prick your flattened balls !

Step 18: Using your small pastry brush and some water, stick one pricked fondant or marzipan flattened ball on one dried flower and then stick the whole flower on one crumble pop !

Step 19: Repeat step 18 with all your other crumble pops ! And Voila !

Step 20: Time for packaging ! Get your metal flower pot !

Step 21: Cut your florist foam block so that it fits in the base of your metal flower pot then wrap it in some cling film.

Step 22: Insert your wrapped florist foam block into your metal flower pot and insert your crumble pops accordingly.

Tip: You may already mark the positions of your crumble pops by using a knife or anything pointy to mark the locations prior to inserting the crumble pops

Step 23: Roll your tissue paper (papier mousseline) circularly as below and cut thin stripes out of it. Eventually untangle those stripes and you will obtain your grass ! Add your "fresh" grass to your metal flower pot while ensuring that the florist foam block is well hidden ..

Voila !

You can decorate with ribbons and personalized tags !

In Exclusivity !...

Other variants of edible bouquet !

" Congratulations " edible flower bouquet ..


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