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Caramelo Rocher

Caramelo Rocher (About 40 Rochers)

125g salted butter

120ml of golden syrup (pastry section in supermarkets)

395g (1 can) of sweetened skimmed condensed milk (I use 'Regilait' brand)

200g white chocolate (chopped coarsely )

2g salt

10ml vanilla essence

150g grilled salted peanuts (You may chop/crush the latter a bit if you want )

100g grilled almond powder

Other: Candy foil


Step 1: Add salted butter, golden syrup, salt and skimmed condensed milk in a pan. (Reserve white chocolate, vanilla and grilled peanuts for the final stage ..)

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4: After simmering for 10 minutes, still on low heat, add vanilla followed by your white chocolate then while continuously stirring, allow the latter to fully melt.

Step 5: When your chocolate has fully melted, switch off the heat then quickly add your salted grilled peanuts, mix well and place the mixture on a non-stick baking dish and allow to cool until the mixture hardens but remain still malleable (about 30-45 minutes) !

Step 6: Once your caramel/peanut mixture has hardened (but is still malleable), make small balls of about 2.5cm diameter.

Step 7: Roast/grill your almond powder over a low to medium heat. Do not forget to stir from time to time to ensure even distribution of heat.

Step 8: Once your almond powder is grilled (slight brown color), spread the latter over a baking pan

Step 9: Place all your caramel/peanut balls over your almond powder as in the picture below

Step 10: Hold your pan in your hand and move it in a circular motion to ensure uniform coating of all the caramel/peanut balls in the grilled almond powder

Step 11: Allow your coated caramel/peanut balls to harden in the refrigerator (this will help when wrapping in candy foil)

Step 12: Get your candy foils and your gun, I mean your Glue Gun !..

Step 13: Start to wrap your coated caramel/peanuts balls as in the picture below !

Step 14: Get your mini cupcake liner

Step 15: Place some glue on the candy foil paper preferably at the base. Ensure that your glue does not touch any part of your caramel/peanut balls. The foil being made of aluminum will resist the heat and will prevent any contact to occur.

Step 16: Before the glue dries, quickly insert your wrapped caramel/peanut ball in a cupcake liner for adhesion

Step 17: Repeat with different colors of the candy foil and cupcake liner

Hmmmmmmmm ... Caramelo Rochers...

Step 18: Place all your caramelo rochers in any box of your choice. You may certainly re-use your old chocolate boxes (Nice way to recycle ...)

Voila ...

You may also use other candy foil colors

Share with Love and make some people happy today ! Enjoy...



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