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Candy Apples

Candy Apples (8 persons)

8 large apples

400g white sugar

45ml Honey or Golden syrup

120ml water

6-8 drops of red food coloring

2 pinches of salt

25ml vanilla essence

Extra tool: A candy thermometer

Extra equipment: 8 Ice cream wooden sticks


Step 1: Wash well your apples and remove all the stems

Step 2: After drying your apples using a clean kitchen towel, insert an ice cream wooden stick in each one of them (3/4 of the apple depth) at the stem area

Step 3: Your apples are ready for dipping !

Step 4: Put your sugar, water, honey (or golden syrup) and salt in one pan over a low-medium heat and set up your thermometer accordingly (151 degrees Celsius - Hard candy stage).

Step 5: Around 100 degrees Celsius, add your red food coloring and vanilla essence ! (At this 'bubbling' stage, no need to stir, the food coloring and essence will propagate by themselves )

Step 6: Wait until temperature reach 150-154 degrees Celsius, that is the hard candy stage (Takes around 20-25 minutes).

Step 7: Alarm rang and indicate 151 degrees Celsius - Time for dipping !

Step 8: Dip your apples and place them over parchment paper leaving a distance of minimum 2cm between them ! - Careful, the syrup not only set fast but it is also very very hot !!!

Step 9: First dipped and already set candy apples . Remark the 'Foot/Stand' that formed.

Step 10: Candy apples set and ready for Sharing with Love !

Optional step : You can decorate with some Marzipan (almond paste) and edible pearls ! Cupcake liners can also be used for better look ...

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