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Bouillon Meefoon' Recipe

Catriona`s Special Meefoon Bouillon (For 4 persons)

400g thinly chopped chicken legs flesh (or use 'cotelettes' flesh - refer photo in step 1)

200g thinly sliced chicken breast (refer photo in step 1)

375g of Meefoon (refer photo in step 8)

1 large onion

2 big carrots

1 can of Young Baby Corn (refer photo in step 5)

45g of Shiitake Mushroom

1 clove of fresh garlic

2 teaspoons of Olive oil

2 teaspoons of sugar

Pepper for seasoning

1 box + 2 full teaspoons of Meefoon Seasoning salt (refer second photo in step 2)

200g of Bok Choy (also known as 'Bredes Tom Pouce'

40g of Spring onions

1.5L of water for cooking Meefoon (1st Meefoon cooking)

2L of water for making Bouillon (2nd Meefoon cooking)

4 eggs


Step 1: Cut your chicken meat in thin slices (breast + Cotelettes / legs flesh as per ingredients list)

Step 2: In your pan, add a thinly chopped onion with your thinly chopped garlic clove as well as a teaspoon of sugar and allow to soften (onion becomes translucent). As soon as this point is reached, add your thinly sliced chicken together with one full teaspoon of 'Meefoon' seasoning - refer photo after the one below. Note: I do not add oil because the chicken cotelettes or legs flesh already contains some fat and also because I use a non-stick pan ..

Step 3: While your chicken is cooking, in another pan, allow your Shiitake mushroom to soften in some hot water.

Step 4: Once your chicken is done (totally opaque), put in a bowl and leave aside. Note: Do not discard the 'Chicken juice' left in the pan, this will be used in coming step 6 ..

Step 5: Cut your Baby corn, carrots and Shiitake mushroom (remove feet) in thin slices as below

Step 6: Add them (carrots, Shiitake mushroom and young corn) together with 2 teaspoons of olive oil , a teaspoon of sugar and a full teaspoon of 'Meefoon seasoning' salt in the same pan with the 'Chicken juice' from previous step 4.

Step 7: Stir fry your carrots, shiitake mushroom and young corn for about 4 minutes on high heat then place them together with the initially cooked chicken. Put aside.

Step 8: Boil your 1.5L of water, add your Meefoon and allow to soften. This can take about 5-6 minutes.

Tip: I personally DO NOT cook my Meefoon in the bouillon itself but in a separate cooking to remove the excess starch (represented by the off-white blurred color when I inserted my spoon) normally present in any rice product. As such, my Meefoon is not at all sticky and my final bouillon will remain mostly clear so that all the beautiful colors of your ingredients will be well visible ...

Step 9: As soon as your Meefoon has softened (taste to see if soft and easily chewed), place the latter quickly under running cold water (This will prevent further cooking and will wash off any excess starch)

Step 10: Now start preparing your bouillon ! In a large pan, add 2L of water on medium heat and as soon as it starts boiling, add 1 box of the Meefoon Seasoning salt (refer second photo in step 2).

Step 11: Then add your chicken slices, carrots, shiitake mushroom and young corn and allow to simmer for 2 minutes.

Step 12: Fry your eggs 1 at a time. Tip: Make use of a large metal circular cookie cutter for a more regular shape but this is optional ...

Step 13: Over a low heat, allow your bouillon to simmer. In the meantime, cut your Bok Choy (Bredes Tom Pouce) in large slices and add them to the hot bouillon. Allow the Bok Choy to soften for about 2 minutes followed by your Meefoon from step 9.

Step 14: Add your chopped Spring Onions, 2 good pinches of pepper and your Meefoon Bouillon is ready !

Step 15: Serve hot in a a soup bowl !

Step 16: Do not forget to add your fried egg from step 12 on top of your bouillon !...



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