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Banana Pie (Tarte Banane)

For the flour dough (Base and decoration)

360g multi-purpose flour 160g butter/margarine Sugar 140g 4g salt 20ml vanilla extract 50ml water

For banana filling

15 medium size well ripen bananas 150g dark muscovado sugar (refer photo) 30ml Vanilla extract (refer photo)

Step 1: Mix butter/margarine, flour, sugar and salt until a uniform pale yellow color is obtained.

Step 2: Add the water and vanilla (20ml) then mix until you obtain a consistent non sticky final dough (you can mix with your hand or a robo mixer using the 'dough hook' accessory)

Tip: Depending on the temperature and/or humidity level in your environment, if your final dough obtained from step 2 is a bit sticky, add some more flour (10 g each time). If on the contrary it is dry and grainy, add some more water (10 ml each time)...

Step 3: Separate your dough into 12 small balls and using a rolling pin, flatten each dough ball (thickness about 0.5cm) and place each flatten dough into an already greased tart pan. The excess dough left will be used for the decoration.

Step 4: Cut you bananas into thin slices. Put in a pan, add in the dark muscovado sugar and leave on smallest heat for about 1 hour. After it starts to boil, you will have to 'smash' your bananas every 5-10 minutes using a 'potato smasher'.

Step 5: Eventually you will obtain a dark color banana paste (refer photo) and at this point add in your 30ml vanilla extract.

Tip: Because it takes quite some time to prepare the banana filling, I love to prepare a lot when I make them, may be by doubling or even tripling the recipe and using only the amount I need. For the rest I just put it in an airtight container and freeze them for another time. The taste stays intact and it becomes much more quicker to prepare banana tarts !..

Step 6: Place about 3 full teaspoons of the banana paste into each tart pan.

Step 7: Using the excess dough initially obtained when inserting in the tart pans, flatten same using your rolling pin (~0.5cm) and cut out thin rectangular shapes and start 'weaving' them on your banana fill in (refer photo).

Step 6: Once completed, place your little baby banana tarts in your preheated oven and cook for 30 minutes at 175 degrees celsius.

Good luck !

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