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Apple Rose Tart !

Apple Rose Tart (For 4-6 servings)


For the tart base dough

160 gm flour

80 gm unsalted butter or margarine

60g icing sugar

2g salt

20 ml vanilla essence (Robson alcohol-free brand)

For the filling

80 gm margarine

60 gm icing sugar

1 egg

80 gm ground almonds

30 g flour

5 ml vanilla essence (Robson - Alcohol free brand)

5 ml almond essence (Robson - Alcohol free brand)

5 large apples

1 lime or lemon

1 liter of water

3 tablespoons of honey (optional)

*You will need a non-stick 20cm diameter tart mold (with a removable base preferably) for baking your tart ...


Step 1 (preparing your tart base dough): In a bowl add and mix your flour, salt and icing sugar. Once combined, add your margarine/ butter.

Step 2: Knead until the dry ingredients and margarine/ butter are combined (uniform pale yellow color). Then add in your vanilla and knead until you obtain a soft and non-sticky dough.

Step 3 : Using your rolling pin, flatten your dough on a piece of aluminium foil to a thickness of about 5-6mm. Then turn it upside down on your lightly greased tart mold and position accordingly !

Step 4: Remove/ cut the excess dough on your mold perimeter and do not forget to prick the base of your dough using a fork.

Step 5 (preparing your filling): In a bowl add your ground almonds, icing sugar, flour, margarine, almond and vanilla essence and mix until you get a thick uniform paste. Then add in your egg and mix until you obtain a shiny almond paste as shown below (right).

Step 6: Spread your almond mixture evenly on your tart base .

Step 7: Time for rose making ... Wash your apples, cut them into thin slices as shown below (right) and allow your slices to soak in a bowl containing water and the juice of one lime/ lemon. Once you have cut all your apples, place your bowl in the microwave on high heat for 6 minutes .

Step 8: Remove your apple slices from the microwave. Allow to cool and place 4 slices on top of each other as shown below (right). Roll in one direction while holding it between your fingers to retain its shape.

Note 1: It is the high temperature that will cause your apple slices to become flexible without breaking.

Note 2: For larger roses, add more apple slices .

Step 9: Repeat step 8 and place each rose inside your tart filling until the whole base is covered ! Then bake in a pre-heated over at 180 degrees Celsius for 30-35 minutes or until golden brown.

Step 10: Out of oven ! If you are using a tart mold having a removable base, remove the base and allow to cool on a wire rack, else wait for your tart to cool a bit before removing it from your mold.

Step 11: Once cool, you may lightly top your tart with some honey (optional) for some glaze effect ...

Voila !

Bon Appetit


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