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Almond caramel bonbons

Almond Caramel Bonbons (For about 50 bonbons )

Ingredients and tools

1 can (400ml) of unsweetened evaporated milk

200g of brown sugar

200g of castor sugar

150g of unsalted butter

4g of salt

200g of almond powder

60g of chocolate flakes (for decoration - refer photo step 11)

20cm by 20cm pan

Cellophane paper (for wrapping bonbons)

Candy thermometer

Note: "Secret" ingredient........... LOVE !


Step 1 : In your pan (on low-medium heat), roast your almond powder until it becomes slightly brown and smells heavenly ... Place in a bowl to cool and set aside for use in step 7.

Step 2: Then in a large pan, add both brown and castor sugar, salt, butter followed by your evaporated milk.

Step 3: Mix mix mix (wooden or silicon spoon or spatula) while on medium heat and please be aware that your mixture will start to rise and foam (ensure that your pan is large and high enough ) as soon as it starts to boil.

Step 4: Mixture rising and foaming while boiling ! (ensure that your pan is large and high enough)

Step 5: As soon as your mixture starts to thicken (takes about 15 minutes), get your candy thermometer and wait until it reads 115 to 116 degrees Celsius ('Soft-ball stage' in candy making) while continuing to mix with your silicon or wooden spatula .

Step 6: Once the Soft-ball stage is reached (115 to 116 degrees Celsius), turn off the heat, transfer your mixture into a mixing bowl and allow to cool for 5 minutes. After which add your roasted almond powder.

Step 7: Mix your almond powder into your cool mixture until well incorporated.

Step 8: Using your electric mixer, mix mix mix for about 5-6 minutes until your mixture has started to thicken (and become paler) as shown below.

Step 9: Then transfer your mixture into your pan lined with parchement paper (slightly greased). Allow to cool completely, cover with cling film and place in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours for your almond caramel mixture to harden.

Step 10: Eventually remove your caramel from your pan and cut into small rectangles (about 1.5cm x4cm) ...

Step 11: Then sprinkle with chocolate flakes and voila, your bonbons are ready !

Step 12: Wrap in cellophane paper to finish ...


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