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Cakes By Catriona Recipes and Making-of!

  • Cakes / Cupcakes

    They are great for any occasions; birthdays, anniversaries, Independence day, Valentines day or simply to express your love !
  • Cake Pops / Cookie Pops

    Great as giveaways for any special occasions. Give to your guests that sweet souvenir to make that special moment unique and memorable !
  • Home made dishes

    For a great and memorable brunch, lunch or dinner, impress your loved ones with dishes made with love to spread more love !
  • Catriona`s Specials

    My collection of specialities and favorites to inspire you to make your Loved ones happy today !
  • Catriona`s Do It Yourself (DIY)

    My collection of DIY to inspire you to make your creativity rejoice today !
  • Catriona`s Catalogue

    View the main catalogue featuring the collection of Cakes By Catriona since 2011 and with more than 1500 Pictures :)!