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Cat`s special Diwali DIY Candle Gift !
October 2015 

Cat`s special Diwali DIY Candle Gift !

Hello Everyone !

Divali is coming and I was thinking to share with you a special way to propagate love and light on this beautiful celebration .

Hope you enjoy.
Peace, Love and Light,

Do It Yourself (DIY) : Cat`s special Diwali candle gift !

Things you will need:

  1. A glue gun
  2. Candles of your favourite colors
  3. A disposable aluminium foil pan
  4. Empty jars (I purchased mine at Pacific Stores Port-Louis at Rs30 each)
  5. Pre-wicked candle tabs (I got mine here)
  6. Fragrances : You may use Yankee Candle tarts or any essential oil
  7. Some clothes pegs
  8. Decorative artificial flowers
  9. Rhinestone stickers (Purchased mine at Super U at Rs50 per sheet/color)
Let`s get started:

Step 1: Get all your stuff ready !

The Candle wicks and tabs

The jars and fragrances

Important reminder: When heating your glue gun, ensure that you place your device on a piece of Aluminium foil sheet because very often it will leak and can cause damages to your furnitures ...

Step 2: Place a small amount of glue on the base of your pre-wicked candle tab then quickly insert it in your jar in the center at the base and press firmly until the glue hardens.

Step 3: Repeat step 2 with all your other jars !

Step 4: Break your candles into small pieces (vary colors as per preference) in your disposable aluminium pan. Weight them as per the capacity of your jars and allow the pieces to melt by placing your pan on your cooker on the smallest heat possible. Remember to insert a piece of aluminium sheet below your pan as below.

Step 5: Stir using a piece of wooden stick from time to time to ensure even distribution of heat .

Step 6: Once everything has fully melted, remove all the wicks if any and add your fragrance/s.

Step 7: Ensure that the fragrances are uniformly distributed by stiring well.

Step 8: As soon as your fragranced wax is ready to be poured, place a clothes peg to hold your wick in place as below for all your jars and microwave everything on high for 30 seconds !

Step 9: Pour carefully your melted fragranced wax in your heated/microwaved jars as below !

Step 10: Allow the wax to solidify peacefully . Normally it will start to solidy from the base to the top .

Step 11: It seems they are ready ...

Step 12: Time for some decorations now ! Get your flowers and rhinestone stickers !

Step 13: Stick one flower on your jar lid (in the center) using your glue gun as below.

Step 14: Repeat step 13 with all the other jar lids !

Step 15: Now you can remove the clothes peg and trim the wick accordingly !

Step 16: Just say it with rhinestones In other words, have fun !

Step 17: A small personalised tag always gives that special and cute touch .

Voila !

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Happy Divali 2015 ...




Pooja Ramyead (Chocolate eater) said:

Hello Miss.. You are just amazing. You really motivated me to do so. I hope after my exams I will be able to make it. Its just wonderful watching all the wonderful step by step. Thank you for sharing. We always learn something new with you! . Especial 111115.. This year.. 3 3 ..

10/29/2015 3:03:28 PM

Catriona (Super user Catriona) said:

Hey thanks a lot Pooja.. Your kindness is really appreciated. Indeed you will be able to relax after exams and make beautiful candle gifts for Divali... They will be as special as you are ... Yes 111115 !!! Thanks dear. Take great care. God Bless...

10/29/2015 3:25:56 PM

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