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Gift Packaging DIY tutorials !
March 2015 

Gift Packaging DIY tutorials !

Hi everyone !

I hope that you are doing great and that 2015 is bringing you lots of great things in your life ! Today I want to share with you some DIY ideas for packaging your gifts which I am sure will have its effect on your loved ones. As it was quite obvious in my latest posts, another of my hobby is making crafts of all sorts and which are customized/ personalized as far as possible.  

For this post I am going to show you how to make:

1. A gift box
2. A gift bag
3. A paper cornet which will be used to make a small cookie bouquet

While you will be learning those techniques, please do not hesitate to accommodate them as per your own requirements. That is you can use larger paper dimensions just then apply the same techniques as I will share with you.

You may also want to access and obtain the recipe for making the cookies related to these tutorials as such I have included the link at the end of each tutorial ..

I hope that you will enjoy.  Happy crafting !



Click on the links below to access the tutorials ..

DIY Gift Box Tutorial !

DIY Gift Bag Tutorial !

DIY Paper Cornet Tutorial for making a Cookie Bouquet !

Click to get Almond Flower Cookies recipe and making-of !

Thank you for watching !


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