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About Cakes By Catriona

Hello Everyone!

Thank you very much for visiting my website. I am Catriona and I live in Beau-Bassin, Mauritius. 'Cakes by Catriona' is a website where you can get some ideas of new cake designs or special dishes that you can prepare for your special occasions or simply to share some love to your family and friends.

I am not a professional cook nor a professional baker, by this I mean that I have never followed any professional courses in this domain. I just learn primarily over the internet as well as through my own personal experiences. I am aware that there are yet so many things to learn and many things to improve but I consider that as far as the most important ingredient is present, 'Love', the rest will definitely follow with time.

My greatest inspirations are my wonderful family, my friends, relatives, people who are humble at heart and without forgetting the most important, God... I firmly believe God gives to each and every one of us immense and magnificent gifts which manifest the more we get closer to him and the more we stay in his light. Furthermore I consider all gifts he gives to us as a way to enrich ourself spriritually by sharing the best of what we have and who we are to others with Love and good heart.

It is so wonderful to love God and to do our best to honor him with humility each and every day. Moreover it is such a honor to be part of his plan... I hope that you will like my website and that it will inspire and give you ideas for you also to cook and bake for your loved ones to spread more Love...

Good luck :)!...

"I love to cook and bake with all my heart because it is a way for me to express
my Love for God and the Love of God to the world..."

Peace, Love and Light,