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Cakes By Catriona Chocolate Truffles !

Cat`s Chocolate Truffles !!!
(Wonderful chocolatey experience )

Dedicated to Lovena and Vidya ...


Cat`s chocolate truffles (For about 24 truffles - Vegetarian recipe)

200g of dark chocolate
50g of milk chocolate
25g of unsalted butter
4ml of pure flavouring (I used 2ml of apple flavouring and 2ml of orange flavouring - Refer step 6)
100ml of heavy cream (Refer photo step 1)
40g of desiccated coconut (For coating)
20g of cocoa powder (For coating)
40g of chocolate flakes (For coating)
Small cupcake liners (Optional - refer photo step 8)
Tons of love


Step 1 : Get all your ingredients ready !

Step 2
: Chop your chocolates (200g dark chocolate + 50g milk chocolate) into small pieces and shown below.

Step 3 :In a small pan, add your heavy cream and butter and allow to cook on low heat.

Step 4: As soon as your heavy cream and butter mixture starts to get hot (starts to bubble on the perimeter as indicated below), transfer it to the bowl (heatproof) containing your chopped chocolate .

Note: Do not allow your heavy cream and butter mixture to boil ...

Step 5: Using a wooden or silicon spatula, mix until you obtained and sexy and silky chocolate paste .

Step 6: Add the flavouring to your chocolate paste and mix until well combined. If you are doing several flavors like I did, then divide your chocolate paste into different bowls accordingly, and add/ mix the flavouring in each bowl. Eventually cover each bowl with cling film and place in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours !

Step 7: After 4 hours, prepare your truffles coating and get your now hardened chocolate paste out of your refrigerator ! Using a spoon, take a small amount (~15g) of the chocolate paste, place it in your coating ingredient (below using desiccated coconut), shape it in a ball (in the coating itself) and place it in a small cupcake case (optional). Your truffle does not need to be perfectly round (for that home made look ).

Note: The chocolate paste may definitely melt quickly if you are in a hot environment and/or if your hands are normally a bit warm, so just be aware of that and take precautions accordingly ... (You may need to place the chocolate paste in the refrigerator again for it to harden !)

Step 8: Repeat the previous step with the remaining chocolate paste and using all your different coatings (desiccated coconut, cocoa powder, chocolate flakes).

Step 9: Always great to share some love and kindness ...

Share some love and kindness today !..


' Chocolate Truffles ! ' - Added on:
8 April 2018

More Making-Of to come soon !


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